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Full Happy Wheels Demo from Jim Bonacci

Hello boys and girls, what we have here is an awesome, badass, crazy, and realistic racing/stunt type of game, and today I want to present you with – Happy Wheels Demo! I know, I know the word demo might confuse you and you may think that this demo version may not represent full features of the game itself, but don’t worry, unlike other trial versions this one will give you a clear idea of what full game is like and how amazing Happy Wheels can be.

Exciting part
So what are the special features of this game? Well, the number one option that comes to mind is the realistic graphics and physics, you see characters in the Happy Wheels game move like real human bodies; they have muscles, bones, etc. If you will accidentally miss the turn and fall from the high ground parts of your body will fly in all different directions and there is going to be a lot of blood and mess. This feature of the game attracts a lot of gamers, looks like realism is extremely popular nowadays.

Few words about maps of the game, LOL, you will love the names of the levels, they are just hilarious and pretty creative (Hats off to the developers), here we go gut bus extreme, the dawn of the dead, a large Satan eats u and TrapTrac, rope swings. Game maps are well developed, with interesting obstacles, scenarios, sometimes things get really scary, sometimes it is just funny, depending on your point of view, to be honest.

Uniqueness of characters
Now, characters, there are a lot of different characters in Happy Wheels Demo, for example check following names: crazed hobo on a rocket wheelchair, a businessman on a Segway, a father and son on a bike and fat woman with shopping scooter. Unlike other games, here characters are different from each other not only in terms of visual part, but in terms of abilities, movement speed and special moves as well. This makes game a lot more interesting and addicting as well, you may even find you favorite character which has such special abilities that they can fit your gaming style perfectly well.

Controls of the game
I would love to tell you about the controls of the game as well, I’m going to list basic controls here, if you want to find a detailed list of available buttons for all characters I highly recommend you to visit this link – Characters & Controls.

Meanwhile, check the simple controls below:

Arrow keys – move in different directions and control the position of your character;
Z button – eject and save yourself;
Space bar – trigger your special abilities.

Small, yet useful
Game has other small features as well which you may find helpful in different situations, for example: change character in the middle of the game, view reply, save reply, pause the game, level editor option allows you to create your own map, if you will visit options section from the main menu you will be able to change quality of the game, enable or disable smoothing, mute sound, there is one more important feature as well – controls, visit this section to find out more about how can you control your character.

We <3 Jim
That’s all folks, now you know nearly everything about Happy Wheels Game, author of this wonderful game is Jim Bonacci, thank you Jim for this game, it is very entertaining.