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Tank Trouble 3 The most explosive and updated version of tank game online

Face your primal instincts and prepare for savage encounters at the office

Tank Trouble 3 is the most updated version of the tank warfare game. The game was published in 2016 year and is made up of features remarkable and overpowering and gameplay which you will definitely fall in love with. Tank Trouble is a multiplayer game. What it entails is that it let you play single player mode and as well allows you to play as multiplayer.

Single-game mode

When in single mode, you’d be playing against your computer. The computer is good at playing the game and it would be difficult for you to win over it unless you are a very good player. You would need a lot of practice to be able to get to that stage.

Multi-player game mode

The multiplayer model of Tank Trouble 3 is made up of a 1vs1 and 3 Players skirmish. This entails that every one of the players can enjoy the game from one keyboard and contends with each other.

The winner of the Deathmatch is the last player who is alive on the board.

The maps of Tank Trouble 3 vary from each other according to their size. The map is actually made in a form of a maze with few places to hide away from your enemy attacks. While playing the game, you will observe a few icons on the map. These icons are referred to as power-ups. If you obtain them, they would serve as your new weapon.

Some of those weapons are great for long-distance battle, whereas others are great in proximity battle

You’d like to play all of them to discover the best one.

How to play Tank Trouble 3

To play tank trouble 3, you need to tread cautiously to be able to win your enemy. Playing Tank trouble unblocked is very simple and direct. It only requires you to get acquitted with the basic procedures and learn a number of controls. Once you have learned these, you can play the game like a pro.


Tank trouble 3 games give you full control over your game with minor keys to press. You ought to properly guide your tank and fire an opponent. You make use of the arrow keys on the keyboard to take charge of your tank via the game world. When you are close to an opponent’s reach, you should click M to fire projectiles at your opponents.

Tricks and procedure to follow

You ought to be able to travel extremely fast so as to avoid being shot by your enemy. When you have the best opportunity to shoot the opponent, you ought to plan vigilantly so as not to waste your weapon. An easy method of overcoming your enemy when playing this tank trouble 3 game is to shoot your projectiles on the wall. These will bounce back on one wall to the next one, placing you in a better opportunity to defeat your human opponent human player, or the Al.

You ought to make use of should utilize bonuses by obtaining power-ups. Although it might take time before you reach power-ups, it is an added advantage to win the game.

All the above features are what make Tank Trouble 3 an incredible game you should never miss. Have you tried this improved Tank trouble 3 game? You are missing greatly if you have not. Dash in today, grab your own opportunity, and defeat your enemy!

Play Tank Trouble Unblocked Version

If you cannot play video games for a longer period of time, do not have the right platform, or one of your controllers is not working, there still is a solution. If you find that you are in a similar situation, you can always turn to the old-fashioned arcade games. Because more and more people find them popular again, the games are having a huge comeback, and many of them are being reinvented.

green tank - Tank TroubleOne of these games that seems like a lot of fun is Tank Trouble Unblocked. It is a free online game just like Slope unblocked methat has a rare feature. Even 3 players can play from the same computer, which you have to admit, is not often seen in these types of games.

Game Instructions

Tank Trouble is a mix of war, strategy, and ball-bounce type of game, just like strike force kitty. Here, your playground is a map that looks like a maze, and the one that fires the balls are you. The aim of the game is to hit the opponent, and you can choose these options: single-mode vs. computer, two or three players.

So, you move your tank around and try to fire the bullet balls at your opponent. Each shot ricochets off the wall and keeps going until it finds a target. Be aware, the bullets you fire don’t separate you from the opponent, and you might end up shooting yourself. This means that you can either go for a careful approach and tread lightly, or you can go on a shooting spree and run for cover.

Tank Trouble
Game Controls

The key to overpowering your opponents is to master the tank movement. Since your map is a maze, getting stuck in a dead-end will potentially be a dangerous situation. The maps reset after every round, but the controls stay the same.

The tank can only move forward and backward. The left and right side control only turns its front side (the tank gun from where you fire) either left or right. Even if you move forward you cannot make a slight left turn. You have to stop, turn left and then continue forwards. This leaves you vulnerable for a moment, but it’s the risk factor that makes the game so appealing. You shoot by pressing a button. It depends on whether you are player 1 or 2. The 3rd player uses the mouse to navigate and a click to shoot.