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The Impossible Game – Accept Challenge

If you are the kind of gamer who likes “hard”-to-win games, then definitely this very one is your best bet. As the name suggests, it’s pretty difficult to win even if you are a seasoned player in this genre. Nevertheless, if you love playing challenging games until you get everything right-this game is for you! This game designed by Grip Games and published by renowned FlukeDude has been around as from the year 2009. At the moment, it’s available on different platforms including Android, iOS, as well as PSN.

Impossible GameOverview & Instructions
The impossible game is simply a one-platformer with 5 levels that include music in the play. These levels include; Fire Aura, original level, Chaos fantasy, heaven, and phazd. The music differs per level-and so are the authors of the music. The best thing about the game is that there is a practice mode that allows you to play just before you hit the road with the “real” game. The instructions are pretty clear and straightforward. You need to guide a cube over many spikes and numerous pits. It is important to note that the entire game graphics consists only of 2 shapes-squares and rectangles-nothing more.

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Controls and Play
In this game, a square moves through a specific level at an alarming speed and you are to control it by tapping on the screen so that it jumps on other squares. At the same time, you should try your best to avoid smashing onto other squares or spikes that seem to be in the wrong place. In case you fail, you have to start from the beginning. Just in case you fail you can by no means move to the next level. It’s not easy to beat one level and even if you do you might end up with so many retries-and this is the reason why it was called the impossible game. Nevertheless, the game has few gorgeous visuals or graphic-but it’s worth a try.