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Return Man 2 and its role in 2019

Return Man 2 is an arcade game that you can play for free online.

The main objective of the alchemy game one is to catch the ball and score a touchdown without being tackled.

To control your character you use I (to move forward), J (to move left), L (to move right), K (to move backwards). In order to acquire the ball you have to step in the yellow circle and wait for it to fill up. If you don’t catch the ball, you can pick it up without being tackled.

In order to help you finish the harder levels you can unlock new moves by beating various levels in the game. You can use those moves by taping A,S or D. You can also find power ups on the field that give you special bonuses, like the lightning bolt witch give a burst of speed.

In Return Man 2, progress is saved after you complete each level.