Play Territory War 3 – strategic war game

Territory War 3Territory War 3 is the third version of the Territory War Games and is one of the most fantastic flash games you can find. The game is a strategic war game. It offers a rather simple graphic appearance but that does not mean that you will not have a better experience. The game mainly revolves around stickmen, who you use to play. You have to lead about army of stickmen to defeat the computer controlled enemies. The basic weapons to use are grenades. You have to employ proper judgment, skill and marksmanship to be able to aim the target, power the grenade and throw it, just like you would in 3D paper io game. You really need the grenades to win the game so you have to maximize their usage to achieve maximum results(Splix). One advantage here is that control of the grenade is under your control which means you can aim, power and throw the grenade through your own judgment and skills. The game basically involves turn-taking. This means that all the stickmen that you have been provided with have their turn of being used to use the weapons or to move. When you do this, the enemy does the same and then you control yours. Once your stickman is terminated, it is eliminated so the chance goes to the next in line but it is not allowed to determine which will be next as the order has already been set. Therefore, you have to do you all you can to ensure there are as minimum hits to your stickmen as possible. Some of the firepower available includes RPGs, magnums, sniper rifles mortars and grenades. These powerful firepower are extremely destructible as they will bring down all structures including your map. Now, a map is very important as it helps you with your position. One great thing is the availability of thin rectangle which is presented on the map. They are utility objects as you can use them as bridges for support, barriers for blockage or any other function.

When you want to prevent destruction of your stickman by a sniper rifle you can build a wall which will help to reduce fatalities. This is because it is easier for a stickman to be terminated with a bullet on the head. When all your stickmen are terminated that means you have lost the game. Similar shooting game is Gunblood, which is also all about speed and reaction.

Check below controls of Territory War 3:
Arrow keys – Move, jump and aim.
A button – Charge power, activate weapon.
Mouse – View map, aim your sniper, move/build objects.
Shift – Hold this button if you want to get steady aim, rotate buildings.
W button – Open or close weapon tray.
0-9 number keys – Select different weapons.
X button – Cancel weapon.
V button – Activate stage view.
Z button – Zoom in while viewing.
F and B buttons – Forward spin/backward spin for grenades.
Click Enter for chat.
P buttons – Pass your turn.

The game is fun to play and is very engaging. A time spent playing Territory War 3 just like Run 3 unblocked is not wasted time as it requires you to be composed and skillful. You may want to try it!