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Full Happy Wheels Demo from Jim Bonacci

Hello boys and girls, what we have here is an awesome, badass, crazy, and realistic racing/stunt type of game, and today I want to present you with – Happy Wheels Demo! I know, I know the word demo might confuse you and you may think that this demo version may not represent full features of the game itself, but don’t worry, unlike other trial versions this one will give you a clear idea of what full game is like and how amazing Happy Wheels can be.

Exciting part
So what are the special features of this game? Well, the number one option that comes to mind is the realistic graphics and physics, you see characters in the Happy Wheels game move like real human bodies; they have muscles, bones, etc. If you will accidentally miss the turn and fall from the high ground parts of your body will fly in all different directions and there is going to be a lot of blood and mess. This feature of the game attracts a lot of gamers, looks like realism is extremely popular nowadays.

Few words about maps of the game, LOL, you will love the names of the levels, they are just hilarious and pretty creative (Hats off to the developers), here we go gut bus extreme, the dawn of the dead, a large Satan eats u and TrapTrac, rope swings. Game maps are well developed, with interesting obstacles, scenarios, sometimes things get really scary, sometimes it is just funny, depending on your point of view, to be honest.

Uniqueness of characters
Now, characters, there are a lot of different characters in Happy Wheels Demo, for example check following names: crazed hobo on a rocket wheelchair, a businessman on a Segway, a father and son on a bike and fat woman with shopping scooter. Unlike other games, here characters are different from each other not only in terms of visual part, but in terms of abilities, movement speed and special moves as well. This makes game a lot more interesting and addicting as well, you may even find you favorite character which has such special abilities that they can fit your gaming style perfectly well.

Controls of the game
I would love to tell you about the controls of the game as well, I’m going to list basic controls here, if you want to find a detailed list of available buttons for all characters I highly recommend you to visit this link – Characters & Controls.

Meanwhile, check the simple controls below:

Arrow keys – move in different directions and control the position of your character;
Z button – eject and save yourself;
Space bar – trigger your special abilities.

Small, yet useful
Game has other small features as well which you may find helpful in different situations, for example: change character in the middle of the game, view reply, save reply, pause the game, level editor option allows you to create your own map, if you will visit options section from the main menu you will be able to change quality of the game, enable or disable smoothing, mute sound, there is one more important feature as well – controls, visit this section to find out more about how can you control your character.

We <3 Jim
That’s all folks, now you know nearly everything about Happy Wheels Game, author of this wonderful game is Jim Bonacci, thank you Jim for this game, it is very entertaining.

Play Territory War 3 – strategic war game

Territory War 3Territory War 3 is the third version of the Territory War Games and is one of the most fantastic flash games you can find. The game is a strategic war game. It offers a rather simple graphic appearance but that does not mean that you will not have a better experience. The game mainly revolves around stickmen, who you use to play. You have to lead about army of stickmen to defeat the computer controlled enemies. The basic weapons to use are grenades. You have to employ proper judgment, skill and marksmanship to be able to aim the target, power the grenade and throw it, just like you would in 3D paper io game. You really need the grenades to win the game so you have to maximize their usage to achieve maximum results(Splix). One advantage here is that control of the grenade is under your control which means you can aim, power and throw the grenade through your own judgment and skills. The game basically involves turn-taking. This means that all the stickmen that you have been provided with have their turn of being used to use the weapons or to move. When you do this, the enemy does the same and then you control yours. Once your stickman is terminated, it is eliminated so the chance goes to the next in line but it is not allowed to determine which will be next as the order has already been set. Therefore, you have to do you all you can to ensure there are as minimum hits to your stickmen as possible. Some of the firepower available includes RPGs, magnums, sniper rifles mortars and grenades. These powerful firepower are extremely destructible as they will bring down all structures including your map. Now, a map is very important as it helps you with your position. One great thing is the availability of thin rectangle which is presented on the map. They are utility objects as you can use them as bridges for support, barriers for blockage or any other function.

When you want to prevent destruction of your stickman by a sniper rifle you can build a wall which will help to reduce fatalities. This is because it is easier for a stickman to be terminated with a bullet on the head. When all your stickmen are terminated that means you have lost the game. Similar shooting game is Gunblood, which is also all about speed and reaction.

Check below controls of Territory War 3:
Arrow keys – Move, jump and aim.
A button – Charge power, activate weapon.
Mouse – View map, aim your sniper, move/build objects.
Shift – Hold this button if you want to get steady aim, rotate buildings.
W button – Open or close weapon tray.
0-9 number keys – Select different weapons.
X button – Cancel weapon.
V button – Activate stage view.
Z button – Zoom in while viewing.
F and B buttons – Forward spin/backward spin for grenades.
Click Enter for chat.
P buttons – Pass your turn.

The game is fun to play and is very engaging. A time spent playing Territory War 3 just like Run 3 unblocked is not wasted time as it requires you to be composed and skillful. You may want to try it!

Super Smash Flash 3 – Game News & Release Date

Super Smash Flash 3I don’t really like to disappoint people, but I have to be honest with you guys, Super Smash Flash 3 doesn’t exist yet! There you go, honest and simple truth right there, however it is pretty much possible that there will be one. You may ask why, answer is obvious – current version of the game is extremely popular and high rated among gamers, this is why I think that developers will release new version of the game.

At the moment SSF2 is the latest version of the game, it gets updates very often, developers add some new stuff, like for example: new characters, new maps, new gaming modes as well as new improvements and bug fixes, but it can’t continue forever, sooner or later they will have to release new version of the game with new engine core, with new graphics and things like that and when they will finish it I will gladly notify you about this release and I will add it on my blog for you to play it online.

Now since release of Super Smash Flash 3 is matter of time how do you think what it will be like? Rumors say that there will be both flash version as well as install version of the game, it will have multiplayer option and gamers will be able to play with each other from different parts of the world. Game will have decent achievement system, different interesting modes which will include interactive scenarios and interesting objectives. I think McLeodGaming will import those features from popular online games, why not? Just imagine new SSF3 with all those amazing graphic improvements, with all those new famous characters, achievements, multiplayer mode and tons of new features, it will be endless fun and thrill for us.

improved graphicsOf course I can’t give you exact date (in fact no one can at the moment), but it is pretty much matter of time. I don’t see any reason why they won’t release new version of the game since previous two versions were extremely successful and popular. It is like in anime, when one season is successful there is like 99% chance that they will release another one, this is how things work here – in gaming industry.

Only thing what I wonder about as well as hope for is that SSF3 was free. Actually I don’t even mind to pay for install version of the game, but I still think that flash version should be free; this way McLeodGaming will attract more players. They may also include in the game skins and sell those skins and cosmetics items on market just like in Dota 2. It is smart marketing and I think developers should use it more often.

Anyway this is all what I wanted to tell you, I have shared with you my thoughts and it would be awesome if you shared yours with me in comments section below. Looking forward to your comments guys, hope we can figure out how things will turn out in new version of the game.

Play Online Crunchball 3000 & Have Fun

Play Online Crunchball 3000 & Have Fun

Crunchball 3000The packed seats in the auditorium fall into silence of anticipation. The players then poise themselves onto the playing field; each player is covered head to toe enough attire to protect them through moderate sized nuclear explosions. Each of them waits for the moment in his own way with some bouncing back and forth lightly, others praying while others force down the urge to vomit. Time stretches out to eternity as the 2 opposing teams to come face each other while coiling in a way similar to snakes that is ready to strike, waiting for the perfect moment. The ball then bursts forth with a single explosion in the middle of the field. The silence transforms to a cacophony of thunderous cheers and crunches and. It is time to play Crunchball 3000.

Crunchball 3000 is a sports game. The twist in the game is that it is a fictional sport that is played in the distant future. Although its setting is more of science fiction than reality, many players should be able to find at least few familiar items since Crunchball 3000 is patterned in way similar to real and contemporary games of soccer and hockey.

In general, there are 2 teams of 10 that are pitted against one another with one ball placed between them. You score points in the game by driving the ball towards the opposing team`s goal using any means possible. You can opt to run it in or even throw it in. You can manage to get tackled and then let the ball to fumble on its own. You will use the [WASD] keys in order to run the player you have currently highlighted. The [G] key is used to tackle or in throwing the ball in case you have it. The [H] key is used to pass the ball or change players in defense. Finally, the [J] key is used to cycle through the formations that you have selected for the players.

how things work in Crunchball 3000Once the game comes to an end, it is time for the player to take off the pads and then put on the hat of your coach. In between the games, you will have to buy new gear, direct practice, and also trade players at the end of every season. If you are smart, you will be keeping a close eye on your own stats and even those of the opponents because the way you prepare off-field is equally important to what happens on the field.


Crunchball’s success is largely due to the fact that the fictional sport is a streamlined rendition of several real ones. Hockey, basketball, and soccer are the ancestors of this futuristic blood sport, but by omitting most of the rules, not only was the game easier to produce, I’m sure, but it’s easier for the casual player to pick up and enjoy. It is at once new and exciting, but familiar enough to not throw people off.

Crunchball 3000 has one weakness as a sports game. It does not offer much depth in adapting as well as developing strategies. Even though there is a number of formations, as one progresses from the lowly 3rd tier to the 1st, you only need to employ a single strategy so as to rack up a very impressive lifetime record

If you are a big fan of sports games and you have been dying for a game to play at work while on break then Crunchball 3000 is the perfect game just like Doge miner 2. Even if you are not really into sports games, it still boasts a bit of accessibility. Therefore, gear up, stretch out, warm up and pay no mind to anything that gives you the evil eye. Scars normally build character and you have got no time to be scared.


Little Alchemy – Play Online

Have you ever wondered what dinosaurs are made of? Were you ever curious how vampires are created? Do you find entertainment in figuring out different combinations to complete a full set? If are up to a challenge, Little Alchemy is the just the game for you! Little Alchemy is a very simple but very addictive game that will have you trying out various combinations in order to find out what more could possibly be created.

How to Play

How to Play

The game starts out with the four elements that we all know of – earth, water, air, and fire. The rules are simple: combine the elements to produce new elements, and combine the new ones to produce newer ones. For example, combining fire and water would make steam; combining steam and earth would make a geyser, and so on. It is important to remember that you can only combine two elements at a time. The ultimate goal is to complete all the possible combinations which is 560.

The Combinations 

However, the game’s simplicity is only one of its charms, just like in rooftop snipers unblocked. The mechanics of how the game works is what makes it very addicting. The combinations do not just come out from nowhere – they’re based on real life: two wheels form a bicycle, and an hourglass is made of glass with sand. Thus, it becomes a game of the mind in figuring out which two elements would produce the thing that you desire.

The Combinations

The Layout

Little Alchemy also offers a great layout fit for the game. It divides the screen into two – the workspace and the elements. This layout optimizes the space by using a larger area for the workspace on the left while the elements are arranged in alphabetical order on the right. This makes it easier to scroll through the elements while having a larger space on which to make the combinations. The game utilizes great graphics with a color scheme that is pleasing to the player’s eyes.

On the lower part of the screen appears a number that indicates the combinations that you have made. This starts out as “4/560” indicating that you only have four out of the 560 possible combinations. What’s also great about this game is that there is no time limit so there is no pressure in trying to complete all the combinations except if you challenge yourself to do so.

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Like any other game, you can also create an account in order to sync your game with other devices and in order not to lose your progress. In sum, there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain with Little Alchemy. It is a simple game yet it is fun and addicting. And on top of it all, it’s free! So get going and find out what the world is made of!

Play Tank Trouble Unblocked Version

If you cannot play video games for a longer period of time, do not have the right platform, or one of your controllers is not working, there still is a solution. If you find that you are in a similar situation, you can always turn to the old-fashioned arcade games. Because more and more people find them popular again, the games are having a huge comeback, and many of them are being reinvented.

green tank - Tank TroubleOne of these games that seems like a lot of fun is Tank Trouble Unblocked. It is a free online game just like Slope unblocked methat has a rare feature. Even 3 players can play from the same computer, which you have to admit, is not often seen in these types of games.

Game Instructions

Tank Trouble is a mix of war, strategy, and ball-bounce type of game, just like strike force kitty. Here, your playground is a map that looks like a maze, and the one that fires the balls are you. The aim of the game is to hit the opponent, and you can choose these options: single-mode vs. computer, two or three players.

So, you move your tank around and try to fire the bullet balls at your opponent. Each shot ricochets off the wall and keeps going until it finds a target. Be aware, the bullets you fire don’t separate you from the opponent, and you might end up shooting yourself. This means that you can either go for a careful approach and tread lightly, or you can go on a shooting spree and run for cover.

Tank Trouble
Game Controls

The key to overpowering your opponents is to master the tank movement. Since your map is a maze, getting stuck in a dead-end will potentially be a dangerous situation. The maps reset after every round, but the controls stay the same.

The tank can only move forward and backward. The left and right side control only turns its front side (the tank gun from where you fire) either left or right. Even if you move forward you cannot make a slight left turn. You have to stop, turn left and then continue forwards. This leaves you vulnerable for a moment, but it’s the risk factor that makes the game so appealing. You shoot by pressing a button. It depends on whether you are player 1 or 2. The 3rd player uses the mouse to navigate and a click to shoot. You should try Blob Opera if you love mini games.