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Established by Cav. Franco Perego in 1962, Tyche Porcellane d’arte has long been one of the most renowned art manufacturers in Italy, well recognised and appreciated for its top quality creations, whose manufacturing philosophy still requires products completely handcrafted by skilful artisans, model makers and decorators. In this scenario, where technology is restricted to modern kilns, you can be fascinated by a manufacturing process that turns a very fine white powder made of kaolin, felspar and white quarz into a beautiful art object, as by magic. A daily miracle stems from a clay model created by talented sculptors (Tyche roster of collaborators includes the like of Alessandro Maggioni and Giorgio Galletti) – a mixture that is then worked skilfully, shaped, fired in a kiln and decorated to become a wonderful work of art. The amazing thing is that in an economic context where manufacturing is more and more automated and the virtual is becoming the actual, here in Tyche you can still see simple but expert hands move quickly and precisely to create precious objects – little masterpieces conveying harmony and beauty, perfectly following in the wake of the best Italian handicraft.

Tyche Porcellane
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