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The ancient art of cabinet making in Lombardy finds in the Marconi Treviglio workshops, which were founded thirty years ago a natural inclination toward the execution of furniture distinguished by the faithful reproduction of the noble styles of the past. The ability of master cabinet makers continues the art of minusieri and cabinet makers whilst the inlaid work and carvings, bronzes and "rocailles" echo old traditions harkening to the Renaissance. Especially the taste for inlaid work, which has never declined in Lombardy, develops the precious contrasts of local and exotic wood of different hue. The rich decorations blend wonderfully with the forms to generate splendid decorative assemblies and accomplish pieces of furniture for elegant arrangements able to exploit all interiors by conferring unmistakable "Marconi Art" distinction.

Bergamo is a province in the Lombardy region of Italy and home to the most renowned inlay artists of Europe. It is here that we discovered the work of the Marconi family, who have committed themselves to creating breathtaking furniture that upholds the demanding standards for excellence created generations ago.

The Marconi family has been granted the right to imprint their pieces with the trademark, "Mobile d’arte di Treviglio e Gera d’Adda." This distinction is reserved only for superbly crafted inlay furnishings produced using the time-honored traditions of the region. This mark has become the internationally recognized symbol of authenticity, and characterizes the furniture as art.

Designs are inspired by a variety of styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Empire, Liberty, Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. Each piece is fashioned by hand from the joinery and the meticulous inlay work, through polishing and bronze application.

For centuries, the art of inlay had represented the pinnacle of detail and craftsmanship. Furniture graced by delicate patterns and bold designs has always inspired fascination, wonder and respect. Once reserved for only royalty and nobility, Galleria Florentia is making exquisite inlay furnishings available to those with an appreciation for the extraordinary.

Marconi Arte
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