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Mehdi Taheri was born in 1928 into a prominent artistic family in Tehran. From an early age, he showed promise in emulating the Persian masters, who were famous for their Miniature paintings. Being the grandson of the artist-in-residence to the royal family, his artistic destiny was inevitable. Under the tutelage of the renowned painter Behzad, his talents flourished. After graduating from college, he left his homeland to study the western masters in Europe and then moved to the United States, where he received a degree in Fine Arts and teaching credentials from UC Berkeley. For half a century, Mr. Taheri has been creating Miniature paintings, and expressing himself through abstract impressionism and traditional styles. Through his Miniatures, he is promoting and preserving an ancient art form, while making it more relevant to a modern audience. With such an enthusiastic champion, eloquent spokesman and gifted artist, the destiny of Miniature painting is certainly secure.
Mehdi Taheri
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